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Doctor Lian
Mainly engaged in high precision machining, laser machining,processing and application of surface structure design features. Research tools, cutting tools and coating texture self-lubricating tool design and Tribological fields of plasma cutting and double soft textured hosted composite coating of dry cutting tools of the utility model.
Participated in the "wheel the application of a new model of intelligent manufacturing Tractor", "high precision titanium alloy machining tools series development" project.And published several research papers, applied for 2 patents. Worked at Department of mechanical and electrical engineering, Xiamen University

Doctor Tony
Research Specialist of thermal energy and power engineering.
Participated in the design of" vehicle gas turbine heater" and"micro nozzle direct injection combustion technology research".Leading"project in infrared detection of underground pipeline leakage problems".
Published professional papers in EI, SCI were included, applied for 2 patents

Doctor Zhu
His research focuses on snapshot spectral imaging, light field imaging and 3D printing. He has several papers published in Optic Express, Optical Engineering and SPIE. Since 2016, he has been doing scientific research with frontier scholars in Intelligent Optics Laboratory, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Doctor Zhao
Research Interests:Machining Process and Technology; Micro-Machining; Laser Assisted Machining; Cutting Tools; Sustainable Manufacturing.
Scientific research: up to now 10 SCI and 2 EI papers, 2 patents for invention, h-index=6;

Professor Chen
Senior engineer of the food processing industry, engaged in the industry for more than 30 years. The lifetime dedicated to the production of food industry and equipment upgrades.He has pupils all over the world. And also he built the oil press processing more than 30 enterprises.There are 3 overseas projects.

General Engineer Sun
Engineers Sun has engaged in chemical production for more than 20 years, who has been in the PetroChina and other large chemical enterprises as a senior engineer, especially specialized in fine chemicals, such as catalysts,antioxidants, research and design of petrochemical hydrocracking and manufacturing process.
The enterprise is saved a lot of materials and labor costs, who has a good
reputation in the industry.

General Engineer Intrin
engage in mining for many years, leaded five big projects, designed 3 large international projects
Designed 5 x 11 m double driving ball mill for Iran project in 2012;
designed 9.15 x 5 m SAG mill and 6.4 x 10 m ball mill for Laos project in 2013;
technical adviser at 5 x 11 m double driving ball mill job site in Iran 2014;
designed MLL355 vertical screw mill in 2014;technical adviser  at 9.15 x 5 m SAG mill, 6.4 x 10 m ball mill job site in Laos 2015;
designed  4.6 x 14.5 m tube mill for Burma project in 2016

General Engineer Jie
Engaged in curtain wall design work for decades, led and participated in a number of major international projects, The United Tower project in Kuwait during 2009-2010, CIH tower project in Bahrain during 2011-2013, the Rotana hotel project in Jordan during 2013-2014, BURJ ALSHAYA project in Kuwait during 2014-2015 , Vitoria office in Britain during 2015-2016 and so on, with the most professional team, to provide the most personalized service to customers

Engineer Pang
Has engaged equipment management in fine chemical and pharmaceutical industry, has a lot of experience of equipment type selection, design and manufacturing in this industry .Has participated in many major projects, took charge in the design and manufacturing work in this projects, such as the China's largest air-conditioning refrigerant HFC-125 production line construction project in 2011, the first polyurethane foaming agent HFC-245fa production line construction project in 2012, the largest nucleotide and modified nucleotide production line expansion project in 2015 etc.

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