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Wisdombuyer is located in Dalian Free Trade Zone, relying on regional advantages, service in the world.

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Wisdombuyer is located in Free Trade Zone,Dalian City, relying on regional advantages for the global use.

Wisdombuyer is a supplier of professional product customize solutions.The enterprise has 3 senior engineers, 4 senior technical consultant, 5 industry leaders .It is relying on the best technology in the world to provide exquisite, customized, systematic solutions for every customer, following the step of ”industrialization 4.0” .

The company's three main business:
1.Solution Supplyer:Committed to providing global customers with customized solutions for production, processing, manufacturing and R & D.
2.Import and export trade: committed to the Chinese products go out, for the global customer service; and the introduction of overseas advanced products, aimed to improve domestic production efficiency, optimize the production process, strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises.
3.Internet Plus:The promotion of "Internet plus industrial" innovative marketing system, providing customized marketing solutions for the global users.We are familiar with the market  in China. 

The company currently has the following business unit

1.Chemical Equipment Division: It is led by GE Sun,who is engaging in the chemical industry for more than 30 years . We provide professional solutions for complete sets of equipment (such as catalyst, antioxidant, aromatic hydrocarbons, petroleum cracking, etc.) ,
and provide the design solutions of customized equipment, according to customer needs (such as reactor design, evaporator design, heat exchanger design, system design of endothermic exothermic etc.);
2.Mining industry & heavy equipment division: To provide a complete set of solutions for mining, sorting, transportation, refining, refining and so on.
3.Machine tools division: The technical team from several major universities teaching teachers and students;to provide customers in the knife tool, mould, chucking and fixture products such as customized services, and provide technology integration solutions according to customer demand.
4. Construction machinery division: to provide construction machinery and equipment import and export business, such as excavators, forklifts, trucks, forklifts, cranes and other construction machinery;
5 Food industry division: It is led by Professor Chen,who is engaging in food industry for more than 50 years. The division is supplying the most efficient and safe, the most convenient and economical integration solution for food processing and production of users.It is especially good at oil deep processing, fine finishing and manufacturing.
6.The construction of industrial equipment department: To be led by the chief engineer Mr Jie, currently focused on providing complete solutions for curtain wall.
7.Artificial Intelligence Division: relying on the influence of the international IT information technology in Dalian region;Giving full play to the geographical advantages services in the world;having covered 3 continents now;With the most advanced technology to serve every customer.
8.Sales department: Aiming at providing the most comprehensive online/outline integration plan for customer; focusing on products of domestic enterprises to go out, and the international product to come in;the target is service in the world, and to contribute meager strength to “one world one dream" for the great idea of the human beings.

WisdomBuyer Industry Equipment Co,Ltd is a professional supplier of industrial equipment solution . The corporation's main business is to provide the most professional customized solutions for customers.And The other is machinery export, include construction machinery, lifting machinery, mining machinery, chemical machinery, food processing machinery, the large energy machinery,etc.
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