Intelligent manufacturing joint design

/ 2017-04-06 02:59

Intelligent Manufacturing is a smart machine and human experts together constituting a man-machine integrated intelligent system, which in the manufacturing process can carry out intelligent activities, such as analysis, reasoning, judgment, ideas and decision-making, etc. Through the cooperation of people and intelligent machines to expand, extend and partially replace the human experts in the manufacturing process of mental work. It updates the concept of manufacturing automation to flexibility, intelligence and a high degree of integration.

According to market demand, Wisdombuyer timely introduction of intelligent manufacturing joint design services business.

Specific business is as follows:

1.App custom development

2. Embedded system development and design

3. Industrial automation: controller, industrial computer development and design

4. Intelligent hardware custom development: including research and development, OEM and ODM

5. Other:


WisdomBuyer is a professional solution provider of chemical machinery equipment. The corporation's main business is to provide clients with the most professional custom solutions.And the other business is machinery export, include construction machinery, lifting machinery, mining machinery, chemical machinery, food processing machinery, machinery of other large energy etc.

At the same time, according to customer needs, customized the development of various types of processing tools.


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