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The company marketing department provides a full range of marketing plan for global users. According to the customer's products, provide customized marketing programs, the purpose is as follows

1. solve the problem of domestic products to go out;

2. To solve the overseas products to the domestic market acclimatized and other problems;

3. Domestic veteran industrial enterprises to be transformed, and unable to start

The main services are as follows:

1. Global promotion of domestic industrial products:

1) the basis of the product copy design, the company heritage design, brand planning;

2) Enterprise website: the company official website (home page), social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Linkin, etc.), B to B platform promotion

3) online promotion: SEO, SEM, etc .;

4) multilingual filing production, translation;

5) e-mail marketing promotion

6) Professional Promotion Specialist Team Service

2. Overseas industrial products China market expansion:

Online promotion:

1) in line with the Chinese characteristics of the basic copy design

2) Enterprise domestic station: Chinese version of the home page, social media (WeChat, microblogging, public, etc.), B to B platform (such as Ali, HC, the world factory, etc.)

3) online promotion: the domestic mainstream search engine SEO, and SEM; industry platform, such as regular posting;

Offline promotion:

      1) Recruitment of distributors, regional agents and other distributors, online, offline synchronization;

      2) customer maintenance: to provide professional (in line with the Chinese market) marketing specialist training to enhance the operational capacity of employees; according to the project five steps to follow up the progress of the project to achieve the purpose of the transaction.

      3) Offline  activities: to participate in industry exhibitions; regular customers to focus on communication and other marketing activities to strengthen the customer's viscosity;

The company marketing department is committed to providing enterprise customers with complete Internet application services, covering the basic domain name services, hosting services; enterprise mail, website construction, network marketing and other application services; and high-end enterprise e-commerce solutions and consultancy services , To help enterprise customers truly e-commerce applications, improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

Departments focus on website construction, network marketing applications. We have been adhering to the professional, integrity, service, progressive values, adhere to the excellent business ethics, the user ultimately value-oriented, to provide users with quality products and quality service, which won the trust of users. Companies to help customers achieve business success for the mission, uphold the staff first, to create value for customers, professional excellence in the implementation of integrity and enterprising core values to make employees more happy and make customers more satisfied with the fundamental goal of enterprise development.

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