Rule About Crane Brakes And Restraints

/ 2017-04-06 03:54

(1) An overhead or gantry crane bridge which is powered shall be equipped with an operable brake, non-coasting mechanical drive, or other braking means. The brake or drive shall be capable of stopping the bridge within a distance, in feet, equal to 10% of the ...

Straddle Truck Carriers

/ 2017-04-06 03:53

Another type of self-contained unit for material handling is the straddle truck carrier or mobile gantry which is able to lift long, bulky items that do not have to be lifted more than about 10 ft. This is an economical piece of equipment where the loading is ...

Crane Wire Rope Replacement Criteria - What Is Bad Rope?

/ 2017-04-06 03:53

According to ASME B30.2, replacement criteria for wire rope operating on steel sheaves and drums shall be as follows: In running ropes, twelve randomly distributed broken wires in one lay or four broken wires in one strand in one lay. One outer wire broken at ...

Column Derrick

/ 2017-04-06 03:53

A column derrick is a modified guy derrick that is useful where loads must be lifted to a building setback or penthouse Instead of guys, a structural frame is installed at the mast top spider and is attached to building columns or other substantial bracing mea ...

Crane Hoist Limit Switches - Pretty Much Failsafe, Right?

/ 2017-04-06 03:52

Wrong! A great many rope failures (dropped blocks) can be attributed to failure of the hoist limit switch, which can result in the hook block being hoisted into the bottom of the trolley frame structure (two blocking). In many cases, the failure stems from the ...

Principle Of The Crane Anti-Sway Device

/ 2017-04-06 03:52

Practical Operation To prevent violent operation, the variable speed drive have a progressive speed setting system which has the effect of optimising acceleration. These speed settings can be adjusted in terms of time and shape (linear, S curves etc.) to suit ...

Classification Of Crane Anti-Sway Devices

/ 2017-04-06 03:52

Crane anti-sway systems come under three main categories: · passive systems: cables attached to the load prevent it from swaying, · active closed loop systems where the swaying angle is measured with a camera connected to an image processing system, · active o ...


/ 2017-04-06 03:52

(1) An employee selected to operate a crane shall possess all of the following minimum qualifications and be examined for the qualifications at least once every 3 years: (a) Have corrected vision that meets the same requirements as vision for a valid Michigan ...


/ 2017-04-06 03:51

APPLICATIONS OF BELT CONVEYORS Belt conveyors are employed to convey a great variety of bulk materials and also unit loads along a horizontal or gently inclined paths. Such duties can be performed within the factory shed or in outdoor work. Within the factory ...

Rule About Marking Rated Capacity Of Crane

/ 2017-04-06 03:50

(1) The rated capacity of a crane shall be legibly marked on each side of the crane. Markings shall be legible from the ground or floor. Each load block of the hoisting units of the crane shall be legibly marked with its individual rated capacity. (2) Each cra ...

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