Chemical Machinery

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Chemical Machinery

Chemical machinery is a general term for the machinery and equipment used in the production of chemical industry.

 So as to process raw materials into a certain size of the finished product In the chemical production, materials often need to go through a series of chemical processes,such as  the pretreatment, chemical reaction,separation of reaction products and refined.The machines what achieve the processes are often classified as chemical machinery.

Chemical machinery can be divided into the following categories:Grinding series (sand mill, colloid mill, ball mill, three roll grinding machine, etc.);Coating complete equipment;Kneading series;Stirring dispersion series;Reaction series;Emulsification series;Compound series or mixed;Dry mortar equipment;Filter series,etc..


Types of chemical machinery

 Reaction kettle




 Cooling tower

 Refrigerating machine

 Water treatment equipment

 Pickling bath


 Vacuum drying machine

 Steam boiler

 Organic Heat Transfer Material Boiler

 Dust catcher

 Induced draft fan

 Air compressor

 Distillation column



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