Mining Machinery

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Mining Machinery


Mining machinery is directly used for mineral exploration and enrichment and other operations,include mining machinery and mineral processing machinery(also called beneficiation machinery).The working principle and structure of the prospecting machinery are the same or similar to mining machinery what is used in mining  the same mineral.Broadly speaking, prospecting machinery is also mine machinery.In addition, mine operations also use a large number of cranes, conveyors, fans and drainage machinery.

Common mining machinery included stone crusher, mill, vibrating screen, vibrating feeder, flotation machine, mineral processing machinery, washing machine, bulldozer, drilling machine, blasting machine, truck, lift, belt conveyor,etc..

The type of mining machinery

·                            Crusher

·                            Mill&Pulverizer

·                            Screening machine

·                            sand washer

·                            Feeder& batcher

·                            Flotation machine

·                            Jaw crusher

·                            Cone crusher

·                            Counterattack crusher

·                            Mobile crushing station

·                            Gyratory crusher

·                            Hammer crusher

·                            Roll crusher

·                            dust catcher

·                            Pulse dust collector

·                            Electrostatic precipitator

·                            Vertical mill (stirring mill)

·                            Magnetic separator

·                            Wash mill

·                            Thickener

·                            Cyclone

·                            Slurry pump


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