Electrostatic Precipitator

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Electrostatic precipitator

The function is to remove the particles in the smoke from the boiler, so as to significantly reduce the amount of dust discharged into the atmosphere.This is an important environmental protection equipment to improve environmental pollution and increase air quality.



1.High efficiency of purification:Electrostatic precipitator can improve dust removal efficiency,through  increasing the length of the electric field, increasing the effective flow area of the electric field, improving the control quality of the controller, adjusting and improving the flue gas,so as to meet the required dust removal efficiency.For conventional electrostatic precipitators, their dust removal efficiency is generally higher than 99% during normal operation.It is possible to collect fine dusts of 0.01 ??m or more.the design with different operating parameters can be used to meet the required purification efficiency.

2.The resistance loss is small, the equipment resistance is small, the total energy consumption is low.The total energy consumption of the electrostatic precipitator is composed of the equipment resistance, the power supply device, the heating device, the vibration and the auxiliary equipment (the ash discharging motor, the gasification fan, etc.)and other energy consumption.The resistance loss of ESP is 150 ~ 300Pa, which is about 1/5 of bag filter, and its share in total energy consumption is low.

 3.Larger flue gas treatment capacity.Because the structure of the electrostatic precipitator is easy to be modularized,the device can be realized enlargment.The maximum electric field cross-sectional area of a single electric precipitator has reached 400 square meters.

4.Allowing high operating temperature..Such as SHWB type electrostatic precipitator is best allowed to operate at 250 DEG C, other types of 350~400 or higher

5.Fully automatic operation control


1.The equipment is complex, which requires the high level of equipment installation and maintenance.

2.The specific resistance of the dust has certain requirements, so the dust has a certain degree of selectivity, can not make all the dust are very high purification efficiency.

3.It is affected by the air temperature, temperature and other operating conditions.

4.One-time investment is larger,and the horizontal ESP covers a large area.


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