Machine Tool

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Machine tool

Machine Tool  is a machine for making all kinds of machines or parts.General for metal cutting machine tools, forging machine and woodworking machine tool.

There are many methods of processing machinery parts in modern mechanical manufacturing.In addition cutting,there are casting, forging, welding, stamping, extrusion, etc.But all most of parts are machined on the machine tool by cutting,because they are required High precision and surface roughness.Machine tools play an important role in the national economy and In the process of modernization.


Machine Tool classification:

1, Ordinary Machine Tools: including ordinary lathes, drilling, boring machine, milling machine, planing, etc.

2.Precision Machine Tools: including grinder, gear machine tools, threading machine tools and other precision machine tools;

3.High precision machine tools: including coordinate boring machine, gear grinder, thread grinder, high precision hobbing machine, high precision engraving machine and other high precision machine tools;

4.CNC machine tools: CNC machine tools are digital control machine short;

5.According to the size of the work piece and the weight of the machine tool, it can be divided into the instrument machine tool, the small and medium-sized machine tool, the large machine tool, the heavy machine tool and the super heavy machine tool;

6.According to the machining accuracy,it can be divided into ordinary precision machine tools, precision machine tools and high-precision machine tools

7.According to the degree of automation,it can be divided into manual operation machine tools, semi-automatic machine tools and automatic machine tools;

8.According to the machine control mode, it can be divided into profiling machine tools, program control machine tools, CNC machine tools, adaptive control machine tools, machining centers and flexible manufacturing systems;

9.According to the mode of processing or processing object,It can be divided into lathe, drilling machine, boring machine, grinding machine, gear machining machine, threading machine, spline machine, milling machine, planer, slotting machine, broaching machine, special processing machine, sawing machine and engraving machine etc.

10.According to the scope of application of the machine, it also can be divided into general, specialized and special machine tools.

Machine tool accessories include tools, fixtures, operating parts, dividing head, table, chuck, connector, chip removal device, hose, towline, protective cover and so on.

The tool and fixture is divided into Cutting tools, tooling fixtures, planing knives, CNC cutting tools and ancillary systems, knive belt, broach,cutter, diffusion knives, hobs, gears, machine saw blades, CNC tool, chuck, punch, turning, reamer, boring Knife, Shaper Cutter, Shaving Cutter, Machine Blade, Tool Holder, Milling Cutter, Thread Cutter, Drill, Other Cutter, Fixture, screw taps.

 Operating parts is divided into handwheel, handle, Door knob,and so on.


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