Drilling Machine

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Drilling Machine


Drilling machine is a machine tool that uses a drilling bit to drill holes on the workpiece.


The drilling machine is the universal machine tool widely using.It is used for drilling, reaming, reaming,spot facing and tapping of parts.

Basic classification

It is the necessary equipment of various machinery manufacturing and repair factory . According to the use and structure,it is divided into the following categories

Vertical drilling machine

The worktable and spindle box can be moved vertically on the column.It is used for the processing of small and medium-sized workpiece.

Bench drilling machine

It is a small vertical drilling machine.Its maximum drilling diameter is 12 to 15 mm.

Rocker drilling machine

The spindle box can move on the rocker arm, the rocker can rotate and lift, but the workpiece is fixed.It is suitable for processing large and heavy and porous workpiece, widely used in machinery manufacturing.

Deep hole drilling machine

Deep hole drilling is a Specialized machine tools, used for holes with a much deeper drilling depth than diameter.It is usually horizontal in order to facilitate chip and to avoid the machine is too tall.And there is coolant with the equipment,usually.

Center hole drilling machine

Used to process the center hole at both ends of the shaft

Milling drilling machine

The worktable can be moved horizontally, the drill shaft is vertically arranged, and the drilling machine is the machinery with milling fuction.

Horizontal drilling machine

Spindle layout is horizontal, and the spindle box can be moved vertically.Usually,Horizontal drilling machine is more efficient than vertical drilling machine.

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