Plate Rolling Machine

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Plate Rolling Machine


  Plate Rolling Machine is a machine that will roll different kind of metal sheet into a round or conical shape.It can be also called ??Roll bending machine?? ??plate bending Machine?? or ??rolling machine??


They are different kinds of Technology to roll the metal plate:


1.4 Roller machine: Anatomy; a Top-Roll, the Pinching-Roll, and two Side-Rolls.


The flat metal plate is placed in the machine on either side and "pre-bend" on the same side.


The Side-Rolls do the work of bending. The Pinching Roll holds the plate.


2. 3 Roll Machines (Variable Pitch aka Variable Geometry): Anatomy; One Pressing Top-Roll, Two Pressing Side-Rolls


The 3 Roll Variable Pitch aka Variable Geometry works by having all three rolls being able to move and tilt. The Top-Roll moves on the vertical plane. The Side-Rolls move on the horizontal plane.


When rolling, the Top-Roll presses the metal plate between the two Side-Rolls. The advantage of having the Variable 3 Roll is the ability to roll many thicknesses and diameters of cylinders. For example; The Side-Rolls are what produce the mechanical advantage. With the Side-Rolls all the way open, then you have the maximum mechanical advantage. With the Side-Rolls all the way in, you have the least mechanical advantage. So, your machine has a capability of rolling 2" thick material with the maximum mechanical advantage, but your job is only 1/2" thick. Simply reduce the mechanical advantage and you have a machine that can roll from 1/2" ~ 2" thick.


Technical Specification:

l  Available in various sizes.

l  Base provided with heavy duty girders.

l  Work with centralized lubrication system.

l  Drive through sturdy steel gears and worm reduction gear box.

l  Electric motor with different capacities in terms of Phase, Volts and Cycles AC.

l  Robust housing made of premium grade S.S, empowering to resist enormous strain.

l  The machine weighs down in varied weights according to configuration defined by customers.

l  Screw jack feature integrated with in order to fix the top rollers efficiently in a horizontal position.


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