Plastic Film Packaging Machine

/ 2017-04-08 11:48

Plastic film packaging machine

    Plastic film packaging machine is als called Heat shrink packaging machine,and it is an equipment that is one of more advanced packaging methods in international maketing.It use shrink plastic film as packing materials to package products.It is the latest automatic continuous shrink packaging equipment


Detailed introduction

1.Heat shrink packaging machine,has the advantage fo durable, energy efficient (saving more than 15%),due using quartz tube / stainless steel tube, heat sink heating,.

2.The machine adopts electronic speed regulation motor. The speed adjustment range is large

3.Shrink furnace with a closed hot indoor air circulation device,makes the effect of product shrink packaging good.

4.The equipment with appearance novel and beautiful, is easy for operation and maintenance,and can be applied to any shrink film shrink packaging.

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