Food Drying Machine

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Food drying machine


The food drying machine is a drying device which uses the steel net as the transmission belt  to carry materials for continuous drying..It is most suitable for flow operations.As the conveyor belt is mesh, so drying rules or irregular variety of lumps (such as: coal, a variety of mineral powder forming fast, food, vegetables, etc.) is most appropriate.The equipment can be widely used in metallurgy, building materials, ceramics, fertilizer, chemical and other industries,and  Food dryer is also an ideal equipment for drying food and vegetables.

Food Microwave drying machine is a kind of drying equipment, which is also a very wide range of microwave equipment in recent years.Food microwave drying machine as a kind of new environmental protection equipment, Using electricity as a source of energy, not only can improve the production efficiency, reduce production costs, but also improve the working environment of a workshop.Now it is the best choice for enterprises for equipment upgrades and new production line.

Food drying machine is a commonly continuous drying equipment, can be widely used in chemical, food, medicine, building materials, electronics and other industries.Particularly it is suitable for drying  breathable sheet, strip, granular material , and the paste material of the filter cake.It is drying semi-manufactures after granulator or extruder mechanism.

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