Construction Machinery

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Construction machinery

Construction machinery is the general term of the construction equipment for engineering construction,which widely used in the fields of construction, water conservancy, electricity, roads, mines, ports ,national defense engineering and so on.

Construction machinery is the important part of the equipment industry.

The construction machinery, is mainly applied to national defense, transportation , energy industry, mining, agriculture, forestry and water conservancy, industrial and civil construction, urban construction, environmental protection .

Category of ordinary heavy industry engineering machinery

1.Excavating machinery  Such as single bucket excavator(including crawler excavator and wheel excavator) and multi-bucket excavator(including bucket wheel excavator and chain bucket excavat) ,bucket trenching machine(including Bucket wheel trencher and chain bucket trencher) , rolling excavator, milling excavator, tunnel boring machine(including shield machinery),etc.

2.Shovel soil and transport machinery  Such as  bulldozer(including tire bulldozers and crawler bulldozers ), scraper(including crawler scraper, tire scraper and towed scraper), loader(including wheel loader and crawler loader), grader(inclding motor grader and towed grader ), transport vehicles (and can be divided into single axle transport vehicles and double axle traction vehicles), flat-bed truck and dump truck,etc.

3.Hoisting machinery   Such as Tower crane, self-propelled cranes, mast crane, grab crane,etc.

4.Compaction machinery  Such as Pneumatic tyre roller, smooth wheel roller, single foot roller, vibratory roller, compaction machine, tamping machine,etc.


5.Pile driving machinery   Such as drilling machine, diesel pile driver, vibration pile driver, broken hammer

6.Reinforced concrete machinery   Such as mixer, concrete mixing station, concrete mixing building, concrete pump, concrete mixer truck, concrete jet, concrete vibrator, steel processing machinery

7.Road machinery   Such as flat machine, ballast cleaning machine, etc

8.Rock Drilling machinery   Such as jumbo, pneumatic rock drill, electric rock drill, internal combustion rock drill and DTH rock drill(down-the-hole rock drill), etc.

9.Other construction machinery Such as bridge girder erection machine,pneumatic tools, etc.


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