Multi-bucket Excavator

/ 2017-04-08 11:48

Multi-bucket excavator



Multi-bucket excavator, a kind of excavating machinery with multiple buckets to keep continuous excavation, transportation and unloading.Its characteristic is that continuous operation, high productivity, low unit energy consumption, suitable for mining low hardness, not containing rock soil.

Multi-bucket excavator includes sub-bucket excavator, bucket excavator and bucket wheel excavator.  It is mainly used for large-scale construction, water conservancy, mining engineering,and the long pipeline laying project,in order to finish the operation for excavation of rivers, cutting, renovation slope and mine stripping. Basic working principle is that, in the endless chain or wheel frame on the edge, installing the bucket in a certain distance,when the machine is working, buckets dig the soil in mining face from bottom to top as the bucket moving with the movement of the bucket chain or rotary wheel rack. When the bucket rises to the top, the soil that falling into the conveyor for its own weight is shipped out with the conveyor belt continuous moving. In order to make the track of each bucket is not repeated ,the machine need keep running or rotating in a constant, so that we can make the track of the bucket is the synthesis of track by the moving of the bucket chain or bucket wheel and the moving or rotating of the machine.


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