Tunnel Boring Machine

/ 2017-04-08 11:48

Tunnel boring machine


Tunnel boring machine is a kind of multi-functional construction machinery for cutting strata and  tunneling. It also can finish the excavation work on the face of strata and the ballast loading.And it can keep continuous propulsion in the whole section.It is consisted by the cutterhead working mechanism which used to cutting strata,the bucket-wheel ballastless mechanism, the hydraulic support and propulsion mechanism, the continuous transfer mechanism and the power transmission mechanism etc.These mechanisms are used to support the hydraulic cylinder rising or falling  relatively. The walking mechanism includes crawler type and track type.


Tunnel boring machine has a strong power and it is joint operation ,so it can keep a high tunneling speed??in the meantime,it also keeps the wall of tunnel smoothing and has a low over excavation(only1/4than the drilling and blasting method ), can save the lining material.Because not blasting,it won??t disturb the surrounding rock,with the automated operation,it has a advantage that it can ensure the safety during construction.And its shortcoming is that the body is huge, and its specificity is strong.So it can??t suit the different shapes and sizes tunnel section. And it??s difficult to repair during the working.It need a high investment in the early stage.So it??s not worthwhile to work for the short tunnel.


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