Self-propelled Crane

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Self-propelled crane

Self-propelled crane is a kind of boom type crane which movement relys on its own operating mechanism along the track or trackless .It includes, truck crane, tire crane, crawler crane, railroad crane and lorry crane.


Truck crane

The truck crane??s lifting part is installed on the truck chassis and usually use the original car engine for power. Large truck cranes often use two engines, respectively driving corresponding working mechanism and walking mechanism. Most of the truck crane has two cabs, respectively, controlling the aboard and debus. The crane is equipped with outrigger legs to improve its stability. The speed of the truck crane is more than 50 km / h, so it can be quickly transferred to the far workplace.But it generally can not drive with lifting heavily.And its driving performance must comply with the requirements of highway. The maximum rated weight of the truck crane for the truss boom has reached 1,000 tons and the maximum length of the telescopic arm is more than 50 meters.

Tire crane

The lifting part is mounted on a special tire chassis,and there is usually only one engine , one cab and outrigger in the tire crane.Its characteristic is, When the weight is less than the rated weight, it can run on a flat ground with the goods, and also can be rotated 360 ?? operation at the same time. It is suitable for relatively fixed place operations because its driving speed is generally below 30 km / h . Truss-type boom tire crane,??s maximum rated weight can achieve 500 tons. Since the 1970s, on the basis of the tyre crane ,we have developed off-road tyre crane and its characteristic is that, compact structure, nice maneuverability,and has both the advantages of truck crane and tyre crane.However, its manufacturing cost is higher. The off-road tyre crane is suitable for working in the rough or no road area in the field, and the traveling speed can reach 77 km / h. With the development of modern tire crane, the difference between tire crane and truck crane is not obvious in some situation.

Crawler crane

Its walking device is the arm mounting device of the crawler,and commonly used in construction sites and oil drilling sites.At first, the crawler cranes were formed by installing a crane boom on a single bucket excavator. And later it gradually developed into an independent model. It is characterized by: ??The pressure of track in earth is low, it can walk in field of soft, muddy and bumpy. ??Stability is good, do not need to furnish extending leg, and usually can walk short in hoisting goods. ??Walking speed is low, the general is 1 ~ 4 km /; Walking tracks may damage the ground, at the site of transfer activities must use car.

Railroad crane

A kind of boom crane driving on the railway. Earlier railway crane driven by a steam engine, and after adopting the internal combustion engine. It is generally equipped with rail and overhanging leg to improve the stability of lifting heavy objects. The scope of work is limited by railroad tracks.The railway crane has cargo and rescue two types. Cargo railway crane is used in the station of loading and unloading goods, including steel, wood, equipped with grab bucket that can load and unload loose materials. Rescue railway crane usually is used in a railway accident or building railway lines,and also as a tractor to drag other vehicles.It is transferred for long-distance by locomotives towing.

Lorry crane

A kind of boom crane that the crane is installed on freight cars. It can load and unload cargo of its own freight car, but also for other vehicles loading and unloading cargo. The lorry crane consists of a boom, a swivel mechanism and an outrigger,and can be installed between the car cab and the carriage,or installed in the rear of the carriage,or installed in the middle of the carriage when the carriage is longer. Truck crane??s power source is from the car engine,and commonly used hydraulic transmission. Common lorry crane is the crank arm type, that is the forearm of the boom can be twisted relative to the rear arm,and also can be together with the rotary column rotation and pitch. Action is more flexible. Forearm can be made of 2 or 3, and can be telescopic, twists and turns, pitch and telescopic movements which achieved by hydraulic cylinder. Put down the leg while working. The boom can be folded for transport when transferring the site. The maximum rated weight is 9500 kg, the largest increase is 18.3 meters. The crane can be equipped with various spreaders to suit different working objects.


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