Embedded Development

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Embedded development


Embedded development refers to the embedded operating system for development. Commonly used systems are WinCE, linux, android and so on. In addition, it also belongs to embedded development, developed with c,c++ or assembly language,developed With advanced CPU,such as arm7, arm9, arm11, powerpc, MIPS, mipsel, etc.


Embedded system is the professional computer system,which refers to the application as the center, on the basis of computer technology.The system software hardware can be cut,adapt to application the requirement of system for function, reliability, cost, volume and power consumption.

For example, they are controlled by the embedded processor, large to the distribution control system and factory assembly line to the oil field, small to the home VCD machine or mobile phone, and even keyboard, mouse, hard disk, Modem which constitute the ordinary PC terminal equipment , etc.


Wisdombuyer set up Embedded Development Department.We supply the customized professional development for various factories,such as mobile phone, PDA, electronic dictionary, video phone, VCD/DVD/MP3 Player, U-Disk,Set Top Box,HDTV,game machine, intelligent toys, switches, routers, CNC equipment or instrument, automotive electronics, home appliance control system,medical equipment, aerospace equipment.


WisdomBuyer is a professional solution provider of artificial intelligent device. The corporation's main business is to provide clients with the most professional custom solutions.And the other business is machinery export, include construction machinery, lifting machinery, mining machinery, chemical machinery, food processing machinery, machinery of other large energy etc. We supply Embedded development for sale and we have exported the device to many countries.And we provide software outsourcing business.





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