4D Somatosensory Game

/ 2017-04-08 11:48

4D somatosensory game


The game is the dynamic 4D simulator.It is a fixed base with removable platform.It can simulate the movements of the transport equipment in the video game or dynamic film (such as racing, airplanes and roller coasters),as a whole to the driver to bring a more complete, more real and more interesting sensory experience.


Product Features:

l   platform structure is strong;science and technology support to ensure the quality;Components of high resistance to wear,;suitable for long operation;

l  To provide simulation operating environment with real car parts; throttle, clutch, brake and other operating methods is similar to the real car;

l   4D vector simulate intelligent technology;so that you feel in the driving around the four directions in real time changes;

l   restore a variety of road conditions;experience the pavement ups and downs and feel weightlessness or overweight by the vertical direction;

l  Technology is that motor output shaft direct drive;overcome high cost, bulky, slow performance and other shortcomings on the hydraulic, pneumatic and electric putter simulator.


Game Support:

Dust ??,??,??,LFS,GRID??Need for speed etc.


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