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 Cutting tool is a tool used in machining.The vast majority of the cutter is used by the machine, but also with hand movement (HM).Because cutting tools in machinery are basically used for cutting metal materials, the term "tool" is generally understood as the metal cutting tools.The cutting tool used for cutting wood is called woodworking cutter.There is a special application of a class of tools for geological exploration, drilling, drilling,.It is called mining cutters.

Tool classification

1.The cutting tool can be divided into five types according to the structure of workpiece surface:

Tool for processing various external surfaces

Including turning, milling, planing, surface broaching and file cutters etc.;

Hole machining tool

Including drill, reamer, boring cutter, reamer and the inner surface of the broach etc.;

Thread cutting tool

Including tap, screw die,self-opening die head and self-collapsing tap, thread turning cutter and thread milling cutters;

Gear cutting tool

Including hob, gear shaper cutter, shaving cutter, bevel gear and broach;

Cutting-off tool

Including the inserted tooth saw blade,band saw, bow-saw, cutting-off turning tools and saw milling cutter and so on.

In addition, there are combination tools.

2.The cutting tool can be divided into three categories according to the cutting motion and the corresponding blade shape:

Universal tool

    Such as turning, milling, planing (not including the forming turning tool, forming planing cutter and  milling cutter), boring cutter, drill??counterbore drill, reamer and saw etc.;

    Forming cutter

The edge of cutter and workpiece cross section has the same or close shape as the forming turning tool, forming planing cutter, forming milling cutter, broach, taper reamer and various thread processing tool;

Special tool

The processing of some special parts, such as: gears, splines, etc.. Such as gear shaper cutter,gear shaving cutter, bevel gear planing cutter and bevel gear milling cutter etc.

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