Asphalt Pump

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Asphalt Pump

Asphalt Pump is also called Bitumen Pump.

It is widely used in petroleum, chemical fiber, metallurgy, machinery, electric power, machine tools, ships, glass, roads and other industries.

And Asphalt pump is suitable for conveying fuel oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, crude oil, asphalt and other similar oil and lubricating liquid.

Asphalt pump gear pump is suitable for conveying high temperature viscous liquid,thin or thick suspension liquid ,which viscosity is in the range0.02- 15PaS ,which temperature is less than 300.It is suitable for conveying chemicals, paints, dyes, oil, food, pharmaceutical and other industries in the range of 0.02-20pa.s viscosity liquid, which temperature are less than 80.The tooth shape is the involute straight gear.And the pump body is used with the heat preservation, may use the steam or the heat conduction oil circulation carries on the heat preservation.Therefore,it can work normally under the environment of zero degree, and also it is an ideal product for conveying asphalt in the road building industry.

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